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  • Keyboardist One Moon

    One Moon


    Sep 28



    Equipment used 

    Yamaha MODX7, Beringer Ploy D

    musicians who influenced

    Radio Head, Dream Theater, Nightwish, X-Japan
    Favorite musicians 

    Thom Yorke, Kurt Cobain, Gesunokiwamiotome
    Respected musicians
    Thom Yorke, Beethoven, Bartok, Mendelssohn


    Fitness Exercise, PC games

    Wish Lists 

    Create a great album comparable to "OK Computer"
    Performing "Summer Sonic", "Fuji Rock Fest" etc.

    Living in various countries.
    Drink with a 3000CC cup of beer.
    Becoming the owner of a Porsche Panamera car.


    About OneMoon

    He started learning piano at the age of nine, also learned guitar, and was a keyboardist in a high school school band.
    Since he spent a lot of time alone since childhood, he naturally loved music and PC games, and he enjoyed listening to and playing music.

    He learned composition from Ami for entrance exam of college.
    He is currently attending the College of Music at the Catholic University of Korea.

    Because he was quite passionate about listening to a variety of music.
    Ami recommended a variety of music, and he soon found his taste in rock music.

    He doesn't have much band experience, but he studies and studies to improve his music. He is a keyboardist with aggressive soloing and good tone-making sense.

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