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  • Items you buy now will be shipped with the CD when it is shipped.
    After that, shipments are made every 3 months.
    (Because I go to the post office Amiself. ioi )

    CDs will start shipping from mid-July.
    As the current post office's business fluctuates frequently in relation to delivery,
    When you make a purchase, I will confirm your country and charge the shipping cost individually via email.
    Some countries only accept EMS, others only ship. Sometimes airmail only.
    Please verify your email, shipping address and phone number on PayPal.

    3rd Single "Power Me"
    1CD pack US$15
    With USB US$34

    autographed 1 CD
    + Poster + Pin button + handwritten post

    5CD set US$62

    with USB US$78

    USB album + autographed 5 CD
    + Poster + Pin button + handwritten post +


    Request video production by fixed donation

    2 (Members or Patrons only)
    (October 2022 and January 2023)


    On-line Live Ticket US$20

    A live invitation will be sent to your email, so be sure to check your email on PayPal 

    2nd Single "Free world"
    1CD pack US$15

    autographed 1 CD
    + Poster + Pin button + handwritten post
    200 limit


    Mizy ball cap(7 left) 


    2nd Single Only 1CD

    autographed 1 CD 11USD

    Ami's Video costume

    USB with original video + 1 costume + 1 large size photo + 2 snapshots + handwritten postcard


    Used Snare Head

    Ami's autograph and drawing included


    Studio Photo Set

    Photographed in photo studio
    1 for wallet, 4 snapshots, 2 A4 size
    and 1 large photo(It can be replaced with a type of fabric other than photo paper)


    1st Single Album

    Wild Run CD 1 ea (100 limited.)
    It is sold only to those who purchase a new CD,
    and is shipped with it. This CD is not sold alone. 


    Snack Set

    Ami's favorite Korean Snack and instant Food set
    It can hit a shipping charge bomb because of its bulk.:p


    Korean Album shop

    한국 앨범 구매 가능한곳
    아래 사진을 누르시면 네이버스마트스토어로 이동합니다.


    Korean Goods shop

    You can buy !
    Click on the cap photo to go to the Marpple Shop

    Ships worldwide.


    American and EU Goods shop

    You can buy !
    Click on the t-shirt photo to go to the Teespring

    Ships worldwide.

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    {"google":["Poppins","Barlow"],"custom":["SCDream","Noto Serif KR","Noto Sans KR"]}
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