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  • Hi!

    I'm Drummer Ami!

    Do you want to know about me?

    Musical Background


    As Drummer


    As Musician



    As Video Creator









    Wish list



    As Drummer  - Why ?

    Why Drummer?


    I was a keyboardist for a long time
    My band's drummer has left,
    Without the drummer, the band ceases to work completely,
    We couldn't even practice ensembles.
    We decided that this could happen in the future again.

    So I decided to become a drummer to solve this problem.

     However,  I enjoyed drums quite a bit more than I expected,
    my achievement was higher than I thought, and fit for my aptitude.

    As Drummer - Which ?

    The drummers I was affected by


    Just, my favorite drummers are Lars and Dave!!!!! ^0^
    When you cover them, you can imagine their competition.
    Their songs helped me a lot in improving my drum skills,
    I enjoyed it so much.
    Of course, it is quite a different experience to hear the songs I have been listening to since childhood from a different angle. It's very fun.


    I remember listening to the Painkiller.
    It was goosebumps from start to finish.
    The drum play was thrilling even before I became the only drummer.
    That's Scott Travis.!!

    The drummer as a role model is Mike Portnoy!

    His ability to compose as a drummer is genius.!!

    "Thomas Lang"and "Virgil Donati" gets goosebumps because they plays too perfect!!
    True rocker "Tommy Aldridge" !! Respect respect!!
    He's old but still the best rocker!!

    Extreme Metal Sexy Guy "Tim Yeung" 
    Smile Guy  Nicko!
    and Ingo!!!!!! Nick Menza!!... and so on....

    Uh uh... I keep thinking of it, but I'll only use this.. ha ha ha

    As Drummer - How?

    Identity and goals


    As for the direction I should go as a drummer,
    Of course, I think it is necessary to develop the technique of drumming,

    But more importantly, as a metal/rock drummer, it's about making good songs and playing nicely.
    Telling people what I think and what I think,
    It would be best if you could relate to my story.

    I don't forget it because that goal was my first goal.

    Since I am practicing drums steadily, I believe that my drum skills will grow little by little.
    I try not to think impatiently.
    If the conditions get better, I think I will be able to reduce my work and do a little more practice per day.

    And as a drummer, I want to make a lot of good music.

    The reason I polish the knife is to cut something, not to polish the knife perfectly.

    As Musician

    As Musician - Family

    Family influence.

    I was born as the 6th child of 7 siblings.
    My sisters loved English and American pop/rock/metal music.
    Their listening range is quite wide, so I grew up listening to a variety of music thanks to that.
    I seem to have heard it from my mother's stomach. ^0^
    My oldest sister played an acoustic guitar to sing with me when I was 3 years old.
    We used one sheet music book every day,
    I sang almost every song every day.
    I was an age when I couldn't read the letters, but I memorized all the order of the sheet music book.

    My family’s economic situation was bad,
    I used a room with 2 sisters,
    We sang a trio under the blanket before going to sleep at night to overcome the cold.
    Sometimes we enjoyed a trio with 3 recorders.(wind instrument)

    And when I was 6, I started learning piano for the first time.
    I then dreamed of becoming a pianist or composer. ^0^
    However, due to financial problems of my parents, my family moved to a rural area. It was a bad situation for my family, but thanks to it I grew up in nature,
    Everything was inexpensive there, so I was able to learn piano again a few years later.

    My parents didn't have money, but they understood well about my aspiration for music.


    As Musician - Process

    My first composition came at the age of 8.

    I replaced the homework of my 3rd old sister, who was a middle school student.

    It's about choosing a poem as the lyrics and song composing it.
    She was good at music, but she never learned a special instrument like the piano. Her school class was everything. Because she made her homework difficult, I decided to do it instead.

    At that time, the only instrument in my house was a toy xylophone without black keys.

    I wrote a song with a xylophone.
    I made two songs and fell asleep.

    My sister gave her friend a few notes's song for not doing her homework,
    She had a lot of notes's song.
    The middle school teacher gave my sister an A and her friend a B.

    I could simply be mistaken, but I felt that this exciting experience made me special.

    I thought. "I may be a child with a talent for composing!!" >0<

    And, when I was 10, I started to study acoustic guitar by myself.
    The fourth older sister has been looking for an acoustic guitar.
    She learned about a month,
    Her fingers couldn't stand the soreness and she quit.
    Unlike her, I felt a little proud of my finger aching.

    As my finger hurts, I have improved my guitar skills.
    Songs with easy chords in sheet music books became my teacher.

    When I was 15, I started playing the keyboard in a rock band formed by my seniors.

    I went to a general girls high school.
    I joined the band circle there, and I took on the electric guitar part.
    Since it was a girls' high school, they were not interested in rock music. ㅠ
    They just enjoy playing and singing.
    I urged them to play rock music :p

    I entered the university music composition department.
    I studied classic music (Bach, Beethoven etc.) and Modern music (such as Schönberg etc.)  there.
    I was also able to meet the fields of music technology, traditional Indian music, and music therapy.

    And I took Korean traditional music as a sub-major
    My major instrument there was a traditional instrument called "geomungo".
    I was a vocalist in a rock band circle at a university.
    I joined the University Jazz Music Circle, which conducts research and performances on jazz.
    Yes. Too many musical genres.!!
    I wanted to create something great and special music that hasn't yet appeared in the world.
    Will the plan still last for me? yes and no.

    There is also a mind to keep, but it has changed a lot.

    As Musician - Meaning and Value

    Meaning and value

    While in high-school and college, I tried to gain quite a variety of musical experiences.
    But I've always had a hard time writing music.
    After composing well, there was a sense of accomplishment, but the desire to compose well was excessive and something grandiose.

    I've been thinking for a long time about what music means to me.
    The answer came one day in the spring season.
    Without thinking, On the way home from school, I saw weeds growing between sidewalk blocks.
    Without thinking, I squatted down to see the grass.
    There was something like white dust on the tip of the grass, but when I looked closely it was a flower.
    It was a very pretty flower. It is a very small 1mm flower.
    Tears came because it was beautiful,I realized at the same time.
    But people don't even know it's a flower and go over it.
    I also didn't know if it was a flower for 20 years.
    I broke it and showed it to my family and friends
    No one around me knew what kind of flower it was.

    At that moment, the moment I found the flower,
    I have come to realize what music means to me.
    We didn't know, but that pretty flower was always around us,
    I wanted to make it known to the people around me.

    I realized that was the meaning of the musical act I wanted to do.

    As Musician - Now and Future

    Now and Future

    The genre didn't matter.
    Studying music and the technical parts are necessary, but that's not all.

    What I usually think, what I like, and what I want to tell people has become important.

    Music as a tool to use to express it
    I like the ones that I like most, enjoyable and natural.

    After thinking about that.
    I was able to judge what kind of music I really liked.
    There are good music to listen to, and good music to play may be different.
    Also, the music that I can do well may be different from the music I like.

    I've been obsessed with some bands and musicians for a while,
    However  That's why I don't say they like it now.
    There is definitely a difference between being influenced and liking.

    I decided to say what I want to say with my favorite music.
    Among the music I've been listening to since childhood, rock and heavy metal were good to hear,
    Also, I enjoy playing it.

    If I like to hear it, there will definitely be people somewhere in the world who like to hear it,
    If I enjoy playing it, people who love to play it live somewhere

     in the world.
    Of course not everyone likes it. Each has its own taste.

    • People I admire, not drummers

    As composer

    Beethoven, Wagner, Rachmaninov

    Mike Portnoy, Vitalij Kuprij, Jon Lord,  Roger Waters

    Han Dol, Hwang Byeong-gi (Korean composers)

    and Min Baek


    Not a composer

    Hong shin-ja (Performing artist)

    Han Young-Ae (Korean Singer)

    Janis Joplin


    Vincent Van Gogh


    and my mom



    As  Video Creator

    As  Video Creator - Why?

    Why did I become a video creator?

    While I was active in a band, I suddenly felt skeptical.

    We made a song and the members gathered and practiced every day.
    I did everything I could to do big and small shows.
    Even though I worked hard, my band still didn't have a chance to let people know us, and I didn't know how to do it. We were all weak in business.

    In Korea, heavy metal grass is very narrow. The same goes for live clubs. K-pop was booming, but there is little rock there and no heavy metal at all.

    We stopped walking because we couldn't see a way.
    I was off the band for 5 years.
    I also hardly played the drums.
    I seriously thought about dismantling the band.
    I seriously thought about quitting music and doing other things.

    After thinking concretely,
    The conclusion of quitting music has lost the meaning of life.
    Even thought of death.

    I concluded that it is better to continue the music even if there is no way than to die.
    I decided to do what I could do without blaming the society.

    Record the music of the accumulated band
    Make it into an album,
    I decided to start again.

    We should always be able to see hope in life. Even if it's very small.
    It becomes the value of being.

    But I took 5 years off. ioi
    I had to start over with practice. Rather than just practicing
    Because I can motivate and monitor, I made a video and started YouTube.

    I pledged to practice for 3 years, and if I upgrade my skills and increase my followers who like Heavy Metal and myself, I thought that when my band's music was released, my followers would be more likely to like it.

    As  Video Creator - Now

    What is the current situation?

    Even when everything was tailored for the band, the band activities didn't bring me any money.
    Rather, income from other jobs was used for band activities.

    Therefore, it is true that I was a little disappointed when I learned that using other people's music on YouTube does not generate any income and all advertising fees are returned to the copyright holder of the original song.
    Nonetheless, the fact that drum cover video creators don't have any income, and that they still need production costs, wasn't a reason for me to quit.

    It was easier than the band moving for the show,
    For me, I have to practice drum and increase the number of subscribers who like heavy metal.
    Because these two goals were still there.

    And there was also a vague idea that if there were more subscribers, it would be profitable in some way.

    My Patron and YouTube Premium members have increased since the moment of the third year, and they are helping me to cover my video production costs, and they are also giving me a lot of mental strength.

    And over 100 videos have been produced over 3 years,
    Skills have been added to me,
    The followers became 100,000 units,
    And from the end of 3 years, the band members gathered and started practicing again.
    And my band's studio was established,
    The single album is now being recorded.
    Currently, 200 videos using 130 songs are accumulated,
    With over 300,000 Facebook followers
    There are more than 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

    Some videos are exposed to tens of millions of people,
    millions of them click on them,
     and hundreds of thousands of people click " like",
    if I make good music and good video, many people have a chance to see me.

    As a musician, a video creator is an essential direction in the modern era.
    I realized the importance of this very desperately.

    Future plans

    Future plans

    Future plans

    Speaking of the plans a little further in the future,
    I want to live my life as a drummer and musician until I get old and die,
    and even after I die, I want to be remembered as a drummer and a musician.

    Also, I look forward to making drum videos until I get old and die.

    Currently, my band is practicing 13 original songs,
    Four of them are being recorded to produce a single.

    It's discontinued now, but once my band's 4 songs are completed, the one-girl-band version of the full cover video will revive.

    I plan to record these 13 songs over a year.
    Among them, around 10 songs are selected and I am looking forward to creating a regular album.
    The pandemic is unlikely to end easily until this year, so we are going to focus on recording.
    We look forward to having an online concert.
    The band YouTube channel will be officially opened.

    However, after a year, I hope that the pandemic will be over so that we can tour not only Korea but also around the world.
    I want to go to all my fans all over the world!!

    And because I have a lot of accumulated original songs
    I look forward to recording these as well and making them into albums and videos.
    Then the new songs in my head should come out.

    Please watch my future path!!



    Horse riding,

    Motorbike riding


    Pencil drawing

    Making a stompbox effector for guitar

    Wish List


    Participate Fuji Rock Fest and Ozzy Rock Fest !!!
    World tour! (for Live perfomence)

    Fly with geese in France.
    Elephant trekking with an elephant bathing course.

    buying a Grand Piano.

    Collect best cool drum sets!

    Farm (with Horses, Deer, Ducks, Donky, Dog and Cat) with music studio.


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