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  • HM Band MIZY

    Min Baek

    Ami Kim

    One Moon

    • Heavy Metal Band Mizy is


            Genre : power metal, speed metal,

                                 and progressive metal

            Nationality: South Korea                                                          

            Current members :
                         Guitar & Vocal - Min Baek 

                                       Drums - Ami Kim

                             Keyboards  - One Moon

    Mizy is
    In the case of a literal translation,

    it is simply translated as "unknown",
    It is a little different from the actual meaning.
    It is a word that is used for adventure or at the beginning of

    a project, a new future, a new place to come, a new event, etc.

    It is a word that contains the content of hopeful and exciting.
    It is both Korean and Chinese characters at the same time.
    It has a similar pronunciation, meaning "Way" in Japanese.



    The Band Mizy was formed around

    Guitar & Vocal Min Baek and drummer Ho-Kyung.

    Min composed 8 songs -

    "Wild Run, Sight, Free world, Higher,  An Open Mind,

    A smile that was worried about me,  Look up the sky,

    and Re-birth, 

    and conducted ensemble practice.

    Bassist Hyeon-seung and keyboardist Ami-Kim joined after one year.

    and the arrangement was completed.

    We started full-scale activities centering

    on the club towns around Hongdae, Seoul.

    All performances were performed only with original songs

    without cover songs.

    In addition, "To the end of the horizon" was composed.
    This song was made by Min after hearing Hyunseung's aspirations.


    Because Hogyeong enlisted in the military

    and Hyun-seung's preparations for studying abroad,

    the band's activities were suspended.

    Ho-kyung returns and joins the new bassist Yong-hui
    Resume the activity.

    Two ballad numbers co-written by Min Baek and Ami Kim,

    "Most of All" and "Time Off"
    The intro song "To the World of Mizy", composed by Ami Kim 

    has been added.

    As drummer Ho-kyung withdrew,

    band activities were stopped.

    Ami Kim became a drummer,
    A single album containing three songs from

    "Most of all, Wild Run, Sight" was released.
    New members, bassist Bart and keyboardist Eun-hyang 

    resume their activities.
    The two keyboardists, Eun-hyang and Sue,

    took turns depending on their personal circumstances.

    In the performance repertoire, "Give Me the Force" was added

    from the songs that Baek Min wrote a long time ago,

    and "Mask" composed by Kim Ami was added.

    Bassist Bart withdrew due to differences in musical opinion
    Min Baek, Ami Kim, and Sue was working as a three-member system.
    Sue withdrew due to health problems and

    recruited new keyboardist Purum,

    but the band ceased to be active.

    After a few years of vacancy, 

    Min Baek and Ami Kim decide to record the band's original songs.

    First of all, we experimentally recorded one song "Higher".

    Min and Ami decided that we needed practice

    because we rested too long.

    The songs of the band Mizy are rather difficult,

    so We decided that we needed more than a year first for practice.

    In June 2017,

    Ami launched Ami Kim's YouTube for two purposes:

    practice and to draw the attention of heavy metal fans.

    In February 2020, Band recruited a new keyboardist One Moon,

    practiced 13 of the band's original songs as an ensemble,

    and established a new studio for the band,

    And Now, recording of a new single album is in progress.



    Mizy's Original Music

    It is largely divided into 3 types,

     Speed metal numbers composed by Min

    in consideration of Hokyung.
    Ho-kyung and Min found a common denominator

    for their musical taste in Power Speed Metal.
    - "Sight", "The free world", "Wild run", "Look up the sky", "Higher", "an Open Mind"

    These are medium-tempo progressive songs that retain

    the tendency of the predecessor band,
    -"The smile that was worried about me", "Give me the Force",

    "To the end of Horizon" and "Re-birth".

    and songs made from keyboard riff rather than guitar due to the influence of Ami Kim.
    "Time off", "Mask" and "Most of all"

    And many songs that haven't been played yet.!!


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    The website has been slightly renewed.
    CD delivery notice
    pre-purchasing and funding the album making
    "To the end of the Horizon" has been released.!!


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